Monday, November 28, 2011

Camping 2011

In August we also went camping with the whole clan :). Every year we go to Pinecrest with the family and spend the whole time laughing, eating, laying at the beach, drinking beer, playing games, fishing and creating memories. It is always so much fun and something everyone looks forward to.



Aleece :)


I forgot since my last post my family and I and all the significant others went to hawaii. I have attached photos.

Enjoy :)


Aleece :)

Lots of change

What a few months can do to your life. I lay here at 2:45 am and think to myself how could so much have changed since the last post. Well it has. I am now living back in Danville at my parents. Chris and I realized we had rushed into things all too soon for both of us. We are still dating and on GREAT terms BUT we both were not 100% ready to live with one another. So I have been back at my parents for 2 months and it has actually been really good.

Within the past couple months I have started the post bacc program at Utah State (online) which is one step closer to my master's program. It is so exciting. I have been able to really focus on my schooling being at home and not having to worry about finances as much. I am looking to get my own place within the next 6 months. I miss having my freedom.

My mom was in the hospital for 25 days in September it was very scary but she is recovering nicely and getting back to her old self. Seeing your parent like that is a real eye opener to just how precious life is and to really appreciate the time we all have with one another.

I am currently looking to work as a paraprofessional with a child with special needs in the contra costa school district I have applied for a few positions but have not hear back. There are a lot of great opportunities I am excited and hoping I get one of them.  I was working in September- November with a little girl in Concord as her paraprofessional, it was a friend of a friends daughter and i loved it. Unfortunately the school district really dropped the ball so I lost the opportunity to take the position full time, but once one door closes another opens. I know something will be heading my way soon.

I think that is the jist of what has been going on. I will definitely get better with blogging more often.

Until next time, Ciao.

Aleece :)