Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 has just begun but LOTS of changes :)

Hello fellow bloggers:

I am laying in bed thinking to myself it is amazing the things that can change overnight. Well I am moving out of my parents house this weekend (been living here since November) and got my own place all by myself :). I absolutely love it. It's a little scary but VERY exciting. I am also going for a second interview for a potential job which I am REALLY hoping to get. It would be a REAL big life change and I am ready for it. Other than that all is the same. Although my family did get some sad news and happy new. Sad first, my great uncle has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it has already spread to his liver. He just turned 90 and is an amazing man, its been rough to see him in the hospital, but still a big smile on his face. I hope that he can make the best of the life he had left. He will be a large missing piece of the family one day. The happy news is my cousins Jeff & Michelle gave birth to their first child, a little boy,Baby Kai January 17th at noon. It is so exciting.

Anyways, just wanted to post an update to the life of Aleece. I am looking forward to the many changes coming my way.

Until next time, ciao.

Aleece :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 BRING IT ON!!!

This will be a short entry but my first in the new year. One of my resolutions is to blog more and keep up on my life through blogger. I am now 27 writing this blog and living back at home with my mom and step dad. I know that 2012 has lots of GREAT things in store for me and I am excited. Long story short moving in with the boyfriend did not work out as planned, we are still seeing one another but took a few steps backward for the time being. I am looking to move out on my own within the next month and am very excited about that. I have started my post bacc program for the communicative disorders degree which is step one of getting my masters to be a speech therapist. I am going through a job change as well. Bottom line 2012 holds lots of change and ALL good things. I am back at the gym kicking my own butt and it feels good. I have started the new year off with some major dental work which I hate but its good to be getting it done after months of neglecting it.  I wanted to at least pop on here and say Happy new year to all who read my blog and looking forward to a GREAT year. My goal to myself is to blog once a week minimum so check back for updates.

Until next time ciao.

Miss. Italian :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Camping 2011

In August we also went camping with the whole clan :). Every year we go to Pinecrest with the family and spend the whole time laughing, eating, laying at the beach, drinking beer, playing games, fishing and creating memories. It is always so much fun and something everyone looks forward to.



Aleece :)


I forgot since my last post my family and I and all the significant others went to hawaii. I have attached photos.

Enjoy :)


Aleece :)

Lots of change

What a few months can do to your life. I lay here at 2:45 am and think to myself how could so much have changed since the last post. Well it has. I am now living back in Danville at my parents. Chris and I realized we had rushed into things all too soon for both of us. We are still dating and on GREAT terms BUT we both were not 100% ready to live with one another. So I have been back at my parents for 2 months and it has actually been really good.

Within the past couple months I have started the post bacc program at Utah State (online) which is one step closer to my master's program. It is so exciting. I have been able to really focus on my schooling being at home and not having to worry about finances as much. I am looking to get my own place within the next 6 months. I miss having my freedom.

My mom was in the hospital for 25 days in September it was very scary but she is recovering nicely and getting back to her old self. Seeing your parent like that is a real eye opener to just how precious life is and to really appreciate the time we all have with one another.

I am currently looking to work as a paraprofessional with a child with special needs in the contra costa school district I have applied for a few positions but have not hear back. There are a lot of great opportunities I am excited and hoping I get one of them.  I was working in September- November with a little girl in Concord as her paraprofessional, it was a friend of a friends daughter and i loved it. Unfortunately the school district really dropped the ball so I lost the opportunity to take the position full time, but once one door closes another opens. I know something will be heading my way soon.

I think that is the jist of what has been going on. I will definitely get better with blogging more often.

Until next time, Ciao.

Aleece :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blogging... the new scrapbooking!!!

Grandma Carmen and I at my college Grad

Chris and I the first month we met 

Amore's Ribbon Cutting event In SR

Diamon Seats for the 1st time with Chris

1st Canada Trip

Fishing in Canada

PMI (Chris' company) Tahoe Trip

Disneyland the 1st time with my love

1st disney trip :)

Breast Cancer walk

Halloween 2010

Christmas 2010

Chris' bday dinner 2010

Second disneyland trip 

Love :)

LA Trip

Seeing WICKED in SF


Papa Tom and I Christmas 2008

Papa Joe & Fendi 

Here i am sitting awake at 1:45 am. I thought to myself I would love to start blogging and recording my journey throughout the next few exciting years of my life. So first and foremost let me catch everyone up to speed on what is going on thus far. I have been with a wonderful man Chris for 15 months now and he is WONDERFUL. He and I have been living together since October 2010, we lived in my rented condo for the first few months and just in February 2011, Chris bought a house in Clayton, CA and now we live there. It took some getting used to being that I have only lived within San Ramon and Danville, but I am sooo happy and love our home. We gutted the house ( when I say we I mean Chris and I watched :) in April and May and moved in June 2011. We had all Chris' family come visit us from Canada for our housewarming in June as well. We truly feel blessed to be in such a gorgeous house in a beautiful community. We are enjoying the house very much. We actually just purchased a hot tub for our backyard and tonight was the first night we were able to enjoy it, what a luxury :).

So as far as my career life there is a lot of exciting things going on. So in October 2009 I started my own marketing & events company called, Amore Marketing & Events. We specialize in marketing products  (such as beer, wine, alcohol, food, etc.) by doing promotions and also planning, hosting and marketing corporate and non- profit events. 2009 & 2010 were wonderful for Amore, 2011 has been rough up until this last month when Amore was granted a large event for October 2011 for the Tri Valley Conservancy in Livermore which is going to be a WONDERFUL event. So that is keeping me busy. On top of that last year I decided I love running the marketing & events company BUT my heart and passion is with working with children with down syndrome. I asked the foundation I have volunteered at for years what areas I could pursue in that industry. Well they introduced me to a WONDERFUL woman names Heather. She is the onsite speech therapist at the Down Syndrome Connection. Needless to say Heather and I hit it off, I decided that is what I wanted to do and so I started doing whatever I needed to do to get there. I have now been shadowing and assisting Heather for a year and have learned more in that year than imaginable. I am getting my post- bacc in communicative scienes, and then my masters in speech pathology. I am so excited for this journey and what the future holds for me as a speech therapist.

A few other things that have happened in my life recently, a few unfortunate things such as losing my papa Joe in 2007, papa Tom in 2009 and grandma Carmen in 2010. Those were very difficult people to lose BUT also VERY great people to have known. I think of them everyday and wish so badly I could bring them back just for a little longer. A few happy things that have happened, Chris & I adopted a puppy from ARF in July 2011, she is wonderful her name is Kai and she is our little baby. She is a hound mix and we just adore her. Chris and I have been able to travel quite a bit since we met, within the first six weeks I was flying to Canada to meet his family, I have now been back to Canada twice, we have also been to Tahoe three times and LA three times. Chris works for a wonderful company and being that he is in the TOP 12 managers of the company we are treated to a few trips a year with his company. We are headed to Pinecrest, Tahoe & Hawaii this month. We are so very excited about these getaways.

Well I must get some sleep. But stay tuned I plan to start blogging this journey called life. I hope you all enjoy my posts from here on out.

Until next time.