Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 BRING IT ON!!!

This will be a short entry but my first in the new year. One of my resolutions is to blog more and keep up on my life through blogger. I am now 27 writing this blog and living back at home with my mom and step dad. I know that 2012 has lots of GREAT things in store for me and I am excited. Long story short moving in with the boyfriend did not work out as planned, we are still seeing one another but took a few steps backward for the time being. I am looking to move out on my own within the next month and am very excited about that. I have started my post bacc program for the communicative disorders degree which is step one of getting my masters to be a speech therapist. I am going through a job change as well. Bottom line 2012 holds lots of change and ALL good things. I am back at the gym kicking my own butt and it feels good. I have started the new year off with some major dental work which I hate but its good to be getting it done after months of neglecting it.  I wanted to at least pop on here and say Happy new year to all who read my blog and looking forward to a GREAT year. My goal to myself is to blog once a week minimum so check back for updates.

Until next time ciao.

Miss. Italian :)

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